My name is Roland A Nava; born and raised in the north side neighborhood of Houston TX.  At an early age, I got into drugs and alcohol.  Not knowing I was headed into incarceration; my life was turned upside down.  Not knowing which way to turn, I turned to the streets and made them my home.  The streets being bars, strip clubs, parties, etc. 

I was addicted to cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin and alcohol.  I was lusting, lying, stealing and hurting people.  You see, if I wanted something you had, I was going to take it no matter what.  Either you were going to die or you were going to kill me to stop me from hurting and stealing from you.  It did not matter to me who was going to end up dead.

For 12 years I was in and out of the prison system.  I was affiliated with an organization.  I thought and believed it was my job to hurt and/or eliminate every white and black man.  My thoughts were to get them before they got me.

The devil was my puppeteer and I was his puppet; doing whatever he told me to do.  I even had people sign their name on a sheet of paper saying they would give their lives to the devil.  The more who would sign, the more drugs he would give me.  And if you did not sign, you would pay the price.

On my last tour to prison, the Lord clearly spoke to me, saying, “this seems to be the only place I can get your attention”, and He continued to speak and said, “This is going to be the last time I get your attention”.

Guess what?  He got my attention and to this day He still does.  Today I serve Him with a true heart.  He ordained me and then I was ordained by my pastor, Arthur Sanders, Sr. Pastor of The Tomb of Jesus Church in Houston TX.  And TODAY, the Lord has entrusted me with this ministry I.T.S.-H.U.H. Ministry, which stands for In The Streets-Hands Up High.

Before, I would have people raise their hands up while I was robbing them.  NOW, it is me raising my hands up in the streets for my Lord Jesus Christ.  All glory goes to Him, my Lord, Master and Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.

PO Box 1921 | Bastrop TX | 78602
From Incarceration...To Ordination...ALL glory to God!!!